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 Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 3)

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PostSubject: Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 3)   Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 3) Icon_minitimeFri Feb 08, 2008 4:38 am

Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 3) 2004916238401168752_rs

Summary/Overview: The battle to decide the fate of the universe begins! On the distant Planet Namek, the seven magic Dragon Balls have been brought together and the dragon Porunga summoned. Now, Goku and the Z-fighters are all that stand between the evil Frieza and his wish for immortality!

Having survived their encounters with Frieza's dreaded minions, Goku and his friends are now left to contend with the ruthless tyrant himself. Despite their recent victories, however, the Z-fighters are ill prepared to face the terrifying reality of Frieza's power. To defeat this seemingly invincible foe and restore peace to the universe, there is but one hope - a Super Saiyan must emerge!

Overall Dragonball Z Season 3 Box Set contains 33 action filled episodes of the fan favorite series. Beautifully remastered the animation looks rejuvenated with bright colors and clean lines. The Dragonball Z third season story line is focused on the Frieza Saga. Along with the remastered animation, FUNimation has also recorded a revamped English dialogue. Viewers also now have the option of listening to the series with this new English track with the original Japanese music or with the TV broadcast music. And for those who enjoy subs over dubs, there is also the original Japanese tracks with the original music. Renewed animation, compact packaging, 33 uncut episodes along with an excellent price makes these latest box sets the perfect way to collect this influential anime series. With it's newly revised vocal tracks along with a slick new digitally remastered and restored animation, Dragonball Z Season 3 Box Set is a must have for all Dragonball Z fans.

Format: .MKV
Size: 259 MB - 263 MB
Number Of Episodes: 75-107/ Complete
Uploader: Yokurama

Episode 75

Episode 76

Episode 77

Episode 78

Episode 79

Episode 80

Episode 81

Episode 82

Episode 83

Episode 84

Episode 85

Episode 86

Episode 87

Episode 88

Episode 89

Episode 90

Episode 91

Episode 92

Episode 93

Episode 94

Episode 95

Episode 96

Episode 97

Episode 98

Episode 99

Episode 100

Episode 101

Episode 102

Episode 103

Episode 104

Episode 105

Episode 106

Episode 107 (Final)

Hope you enjoy Smile
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Dragonball Z (Dual Audio)(MKV)(UNCUT Season 3)
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