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 Final Fantasy VII - The Last Order OVA (AVI) (English Dub)

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Final Fantasy VII - The Last Order OVA (AVI) (English Dub) Empty
PostSubject: Final Fantasy VII - The Last Order OVA (AVI) (English Dub)   Final Fantasy VII - The Last Order OVA (AVI) (English Dub) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2008 11:17 am

Final Fantasy VII - The Last Order OVA (AVI) (English Dub) Last_order_logo

Title: Final Fantasy VII - The Last Order
Age Rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity)
Genres: adventure, Science Fiction, Shounen
Format: AVI
Episodes: 1 Episode Special

Final Fantasy VII, former SOLDIER 1st Class Zack, is able to break free of his confinement within Shinra Company. Zack accompanies Sephiroth, Shinra's elite SOLDIER, in the investigation of a malfunctioning mako reactor in the village of Nibelheim. During that mission, he bears witness to Sephiroth's descent into madness and the merciless slaughter of the village at Sephiroth's hands.

Though he survives the massacre, Zack and his friend Cloud Strife Final Fantasy VII's main protagonist and a native of Nibelheim are taken captive when Shinra officials arrive to round up the few survivors and cover up the tragedy. Professor Hojo, the Head of Shinra's Scientific Research Division, decides to use Zack, Cloud and the other apprehended survivors in an experiment to test his Jenova Reunion Theory, but after four years of confinement, Zack escapes from Hojo's lab and takes Cloud with him.

The two of them slip away from Nibelheim, with the intent of returning to Midgar, the headquarters of Shinra's empire and home of Zack's girlfriend, Aerith Gainsborough. However, Shinra orders their elite espionage and assassination division, the Turks to find and, if deemed necessary, eliminate the two escapees. Tseng, the leader of the Turks, is hesitant to take Zack and Cloud's freedom from them a second time. Stricken with conflicting emotions, he orders his subordinates to capture them alive if possible.

Zack and Cloud approach the end of their trek back to Midgar. With the pursuit of the two escapees building to a climax, Tseng reflects back on the events that have led to this situation before departing with his subordinates to intercept Cloud and Zack along the last leg of their journey. Zack and Cloud are ambushed by the Turks on a bluff overlooking Midgar.

Download: Final Fantasy VII - The Last Order
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Final Fantasy VII - The Last Order OVA (AVI) (English Dub)
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