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 Street Figher II - The Animated Movie (MKV) (English Dubbed)

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PostSubject: Street Figher II - The Animated Movie (MKV) (English Dubbed)   Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:07 pm

Title: Street Fighter II - The Animated Movie
Year: 1994
Company: Capcom Entertainment
Language: English
Subtitles - None
Format: MKV
Running Time: 98 Minutes

Encoded, and Uploaded By: Squall Leonhart VIII A.K.A SquallFire VIII A.K.A Cloudmaster88

Bison, the ruthless leader of the international terrorist organization Shadowlaw, has been desperately searching for the greatest fighter on the planet for years. He finds it in Ryu, a young wanderer who never stays in one place long enough for Bison to find him. He does, however, get a fix on Ken Masters, an American martial arts champion who studied with Ryu as a child under the same master. Meanwhile, Major Guile of the United States Army is forced to team up with Chun Li from China in hopes of apprehending Bison and putting a stop his international ring of crime


Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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Street Figher II - The Animated Movie (MKV) (English Dubbed)
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