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PostSubject: Claymore   Claymore Icon_minitimeMon Jan 28, 2008 7:22 pm

Claymore Downloads

It is the world where the man-eating demon hangs out. To fight against the demon, the human beings create female soldiers that are half demons and half human. They have silver eyes and large swords. They are named Claymore after their swords.
When Claire was a child, she met Theresa, the strongest Claymore. To save Claire, Theresa broke their iron rule to kill a human. Because of breaking the rules, she was wanted by punitive group. Pricilla, a member of the punitive group, couldn't control the power of the magical sword, and turned into an "Awakened". Then, Theresa was beaten by the large power of Pricilla. To avenge Theresa, Claire decided to inherit Theresa�s flesh to become Claymore.

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Episode 1 .avi

Episode 2 .avi

Episode 3 .avi

Episode 4 .avi

Episode 5 .avi

Episode 6 .avi

Episode 7 .avi

Episode 8 .avi

Episode 9 .avi

Episode 10 .avi

Episode 11 .avi

Episode 12 .avi

Episode 13 .avi

Episode 14 .avi

Episode 15 .avi

Episode 16 .avi

Episode 17 .avi

Episode 18 .avi

Episode 19 .avi

Episode 20 .avi

Episode 21 .avi

Episode 22 .avi

Episode 23 .avi

Episode 24 .avi

Episode 25 .avi

Episode 26 .avi

Claymore Sig2-1
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